Cambridge Mostyn Restaurant – Llandudno, Wales

Traditional Welsh and South African Cuisine

The Welsh and South African links date back to the 1700’s and earlier. The Welsh were part of the original colonisation of South Africa and our shared passion and cultural values extend way beyond just good food, good beer and world class rugby !

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Established on the site of one of the town’s oldest restaurants, Cambridge Mostyn is a breath of fresh air in Llandudno thanks to its innovative fusion of Welsh and South African cuisine. Awarded a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for two years running, it might be the only restaurant where you can follow up Welsh pâté with a crocodile steak.

The revamped Cambridge Mostyn evening menu has proven a hit with visitors to the region, and is a treasure trove of unexpected specialities (monkey gland sauce anyone?!). Diners can enjoy classic Welsh staples like St David’s chicken (wrapped in bacon with a cream leek and mustard sauce), or embark on one of the ‘great meal adventures’ and sample exotic meats and game in dishes like the juicy ostrich fillet steak, tender kangaroo rogan josh, or succulent llama chipotle chilli burgers.

An extensive wine list is also available at Cambridge Mostyn restaurant in Llandudno, to go along with its delectable range of ice creams and liqueurs. The eclectic selection of food and drink is matched only by the diverse décor, which features influences from the savannah to the valleys.

Offering cuisines both local and exotic on the Welsh coast, Cambridge Mostyn is just an 8-minute walk from Llandudno Rail Station.

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