The Caffeine Drip – Edinburgh

Look no further if you’re looking for a place to hang out and talk light hearted conversations over seriously good food. There is nothing typical about this café; it’s a rustic downstairs hideaway that’s as individual as its owners – so expect some extraordinary menu choices. The Caffeine Drip is the brainchild of the previous owner of the Zulu Lounge on Morningside Road, Chris and his partner, Dariusz. Following a leisurely trip to Chris’s native South Africa, they decided to bring something authentic, bold and daring back to Edinburgh’s West End.

Discerning locals quickly discovered this was no ordinary coffee house, but an eatery, deli and bakery all rolled into one and offering an unusual menu with a South African twist. Don’t let the plain outside above deceive you – as you will find there is a treasure trove of delights below. If this shop was a dessert, it’d be a tipsy tart because of its assortment of ingredients and flavours on offer that keeps customers coming back for more. The Caffeine Drip sets the standard for cafes in Edinburgh with its home-made cakes, rustic sandwiches, flavoursome soups and consistently sublime, rich and full-bodied coffee.

This atmospheric café offers an atypical experience with each visit ensuring a laid back ambience and unpretentious quality. This café is very much a personal project of the owners with its original décor including scaffolding wood, recycled furniture and the many photos on the walls taken by Chris and Dariusz during their visit to Cape Town. Locals have remarked that this shop is a breath of fresh air for Edinburgh’s coffee, cake, soup & sandwich lovers. Having cornered a niche in the market doing what they do best, the owners take great pride in delivering top quality produce with consistently professional service. This is a place where the coffee is strong and so is its fan base. It’s rated as one of Edinburgh’s top cafes which is no easy feat as the competition is as stiff as their lemon meringue topping!

The menu contains an impressive assortment that caters to every palate from the adventurous to traditional to meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans. The secret to the success of this café lies in the fact that the owners have managed to capture that elusive balance of offering healthy delicacies while simultaneously appealing to the indulgent pleasure seeker.

A visit to this venue can be an innovative experience and as inventive as you like with a ‘create your own’ option. The menu has depth, appeals to every palate and immediately grabs your attention with quirky and curious dishes which will be sure to pique your interest and taste buds. Some may gravitate straight to the decadent cake stand or to the variety of toasted sandwiches, while the more daring will head straight for the boerewors (South African rustic sausage) rolls with sumptuous toppings.

This hidden gem has quickly become known as a ‘fortuitous find’ for those in the know and it sees coffee pilgrims trekking in from all over to tryout the diverse and delicious menu. A visit to this laidback café is worthwhile for those culinary adventurers seeking a taste of “the rainbow nation” in the heart of Edinburgh.

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